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Katie found her first flaw in a diamond around the age of nine. Her dad took her to a mall jewelry store to look for a present for her mom. As soon as the sales lady passed it across the counter she noticed a black mineral inclusion (and thus rejected the ring). The rest, as they say, is history!

katie, co-founder and creative director


Everyone deserves

But seriously, her interest in gemstones (ahem, and diamonds) was ignited that day and remains a passion. Katie believes that there is great power in beauty to spark joy & creativity, & even to calm & heal. It's her dream come true to help clients design beautiful pieces for daily, lifelong wear. 

Individual, rare, creative, untethered, and authentic

The pieces we design for our clients deeply reflect our company ethos

Co-founders Katie and Will Wright believe strongly in the power of knowing yourself and living truly and authentically to reflect your values. We strive to co-create every single piece so that it reflects the unique character, story, style, and values of the wearer or couple. Our goal is to give each client a little something that no one else has - that brings joy and a deeper sense of identity to the wearer, that is our goal.

We believe in the EXPERIENCE

Consider us your guides into the joy and creative discovery of designing something uniquely yours

The traditional jewelry market is shrouded in mystery and focused on mass-appeal and profit. We do it differently. During the design process we focus on education, transparency, creativity, and (just a pinch of) luxury. We want you to end up with a ring that you not only love, but with memories of making it that only add to the sentiment. 

As gemstone importers, we are deeply aware of the origins of precious stones and metals. Gemstones and diamonds have the ability to make both positive and negative impacts to the peoples, animals, and lands where they are found. It is our mission to only source from miners and vendors who's methods we can verify and to go one step further and meaningfully give back to communities that help supply our business. 

gifts from nature we own for just a time

The wild beginnings of your ring. Rooted in nature.

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hurry! Limited spots available

Photographing your moments in San Francisco, California