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brand philosophy

The only material things in life worth having are those which are exceptional. 

We create jewelry of remarkable beauty and quality that can be joyfully worn and passed down for generations. 


Katie's love of unique treasures started at an early age and motivated her to search the globe in pursuit of uniquely beautiful things that no one else had. These treasures, and the experiences and architecture she absorbed while collecting these pieces inspires her work today. 

Regal and uncommon, Katie's jewelry is both striking and approachable - a modern take on classic jewels.

Inspired by history, nature and joie de vivre itself, Katie aims to design pieces that are, in the literal sense, remarkable using design principles that will stand the test of time. To craft these designs, High Color Jewels works with world-class artisans to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship is also suited for an heirloom.  

sourcing & materials

Gemstones and metal are gifts from nature we own for just a time.

As avid outdoorsmen, we are deeply aware of the origins of precious stones and metals. Gemstones and diamonds have the ability to make both positive and negative impacts to the peoples, animals, and lands where they are found. We strive to work with miners & vendors who's methods are both ethical & minimally damaging to the environment.  

design & craft

Beautiful, and beautifully made. All of our jewelry is original and made to the highest standards in the industry. We use only hand-picked gemstones, many of which are also precision cut or recut here in the US. Each of our pieces, all Katie's designs, is individually cast using the lost wax casting method and set and polished by hand. It is the quality, not just the beauty of our pieces that makes them heirlooms. 

family & legacy

An independent, family-run company, Will and Katie built their business in response to their desire to model for their children the importance of pursuing dreams. 

A tight-knit family unit that dreams of adventure, all four are working towards making High Color Jewels the new name in American luxury jewelry. 

A Georgia girl at heart, hospitality is central to the ethos of High Color Jewels. We treat each client with respect & kindness and value relationships above all.

Though our business may be digital, we aim to make each interaction not only educational but warm and joyful!

client experience

Katie puts her heart & soul into each collection she creates. Each member of our team takes immense pride in the quality of our pieces, package, and customer service. 

Each piece is lovingly created to be uncommonly beautiful and to last for generations. Creating jewelry brings us joy and we hope wearing it brings the same to you. 

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