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bespoke Process

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the bespoke EXPERIENCE

Designing your one-of-a-kind piece might just be the most fun thing you do this year


Let's co-create something BEAUTIFUL that brings you joy for the rest of your life

We aren't your grandma's jeweler. Our process is designed to be fresh, fun, & luxurious. 

We only like things that are super amazing, so we picked the best designers & world-class artisans. 

We emphasis co-creation & education so we can guarantee that you'll LOVE your finished piece!

We have a chat and get to know each other

We'll ask you to do a quiz (it's fun!) and share inspiration - like photos and stories

During this phase our goal is to understand your style and vision for your piece fully. We might ask you some questions that don't seem related to jewelry design (like do you drink coffee or tea?) as well as some that do (like, your budget). Every detail you share with us will inform the feel of your design as we sit down to mood board and to sketch.


our pieces are designed to last


this is the fun part - picking the sparkles!


Together, we revise the design and choose the stones for your piece

Choose from a lovingly curated selection of stones hand-picked by our gemologist

This is where we shine! Our designers are all trained gemologists with access to an unmatched variety of gemstones and diamonds. We source exciting and unique stones for our clients that allow us to design pieces that feel unique and elevated without looking like they trying too hard. The selection process can be done virtually (we make it festive!), or during a traveling design studio weekend. Occasionally, we even travel to meet our clients in person for this step.

World class artisans make your piece from scratch

For pieces meant to last a lifetime (and be passed down!) only the best will do

Which is why we have traveled the world over in search of the best goldsmiths, pave setters, and master jewelers. In the end, we found them right here in the US where all of our jewelry is made. Each design is evaluated for technical excellence and then our design team and artisans carefully choose the best path for fabrication blending modern and traditional practices.


Design it

As easy as 1-2-3

Try It

Within 4 weeks, your dream ring will arrive at your doorstep, ready for forever

Once we've hit the perfect design, we'll render a computer illustration for further discussion

We'll send you a duplicate of the wax model we'll use to cast your piece - it's yours to keep

Wear it

Design it to be your dream, try it on, and wear it for life

Hunting down the perfect stone

Turning your vision into a design

After our consultation call we sit down as a team to brainstorm ideas and hand sketch. We generally present you 2-4 designs, but to get there we may have started with dozens. 

Creating with heirloom quality

Finding the perfect stone involves working through our inventory & the inventory or dozens of our partners. We may go through 100 stones to find the 6 or so we show you!

We work hand-in-hand with our artisan craftsman throughout the production of your piece. We decide as a team which fabrication methods to use, how stones will be set, and how to troubleshoot any issues that arise while your piece is being made.


There are a ton of tiny pieces that come together to make a beautiful piece - here's a snapshot of how we make it happen.




"HCJ created the MOST STUNNING and fabulous custom pink morganite engagement ring for me. I am obsessed with its beauty, design, and quality."

Lora, North Carolina

"Katie was absolutely wonderful...helping me create a custom necklace that matched the very rough idea that I had. She took the time to carefully design the piece to an extremely high standard."

Hubert, Washington

"I can't believe how much there is to know about diamonds and making jewelry. I feel like I was able to make a piece that was a million times more beautiful with HCJ than if I tried to do it myself. So HAPPY and grateful!"

Sloane, Georgia

No way! Our professional designers love to create fine jewelry to mark all of life's special occasions!

Our co-founder and creative designer, Katie gives direction for all designs, but we have a fabulous team of associate designers that add to the creativity and collective beauty of our work. Everyone on our team is Gemological Institute of America (GIA) trained and while our team comes from a variety of design backgrounds we have over 50 years collective experience in jewelry design.

We really don't think of ourselves as jewelers at all! HCJ is a custom jewelry design company that makes stylized jewelry from scratch. As many jewelers use standard mountings they order from third parties, we have much more collective experience making custom pieces from scratch than a traditional jeweler. Additionally, we keep our focus on design + make - so we don't offer many of the services of a local jeweler like repair, appraisal, etc.

Totally! Lab diamonds are real diamonds and their price-point makes them a great option in some cases! Prices on lab diamonds are dropping daily and we expect their value to eventually go to zero, so it's worth talking through the pros and cons (which we'll do!) before deciding on a beautiful REAL lab diamond. 

Our average customer takes 2 weeks to decide on and finalize a design. From there production takes 3-5 weeks. If you need your piece sooner, we can often decrease this timeline if we are only working with diamonds in the piece.

We take great pride in the truly special designs we create, our exceptional design experience, and the world-class, heirloom quality of our pieces. Working with us means that not only will you have a truly one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique style and story, but that you had an amazing time creating it - and you you know it will last forever. 

We ship pieces using FedEx Express 2-day (or overnight as needed) and signature will be required. Our team will coordinate with you ahead of shipping to make sure we ship on a date and to an address that is convenient. 

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hurry! Limited spots available

Photographing your moments in San Francisco, California